بامیکا - لوگو

About Bamika

We at Bamika believe that a good day starts with a good breakfast, and good days lead you to success.

The story of Bamika


was one
Another was one too

Once upon a time, there was a legendary city called Bamika.
The people of this city are all young. Happy and hopeful for the future.
They have a goal in their lives, and for the love of their goal, they get up every morning and continue on their own path.
The mentality of the people of this city was so valuable that the fame of this treasure reached the ears of the demons.
The demon of fatigue, the demon of despair, the demon of illness and...
The demons sometimes attacked the people of this city due to their greed for their treasure, but the people of this city used delicious foods that had magical power to fight these demons.

To be honest, Bamika, it was and is a legend, somewhere in the mind.
In your mind and mine

Our beliefs


About success

Success does not come overnight, but we have to get better every day.

We know that many people think that people become successful overnight, something happened or they got lucky. The truth is that it is not like that, and behind every successful person, there is at least more than 10 years of effort and experience. Maybe there are some people who have a financial or a position, but they will soon lose it, because they are not ready and able to maintain it. Now that we know that the road to success and becoming a legend is a long road, every day is important to keep us on track and try to be better than yesterday.

In this way, we can slowly move towards our goals, riding on the flying carpet.

About Life

Life is made of years, months, weeks and days, and breakfast is the first step to start a good day.

When we say life, what are we talking about? Maybe the least that comes to mind. Many decades of a person's life. So we are talking about something, which is from one A series of components. Decades of a person's life, years, and those years They make months and... If we take care of these components, we cannot hope, To finally have a good life? It's better to start every day well so that we can spend that day with energy and hope.

This is how we can sprout and grow like a plant.


About others

Enjoyable life is full of various experiences and others should share in these experiences.

Paying attention to oneself is good and necessary, but not enough. We are dependent on others even in defining our own personality, and even achieving a sense of satisfaction. It is with others that these things find meaning. Now, the more quality this relationship with others is, the healthier it is and the more human it is, the better Masa's life will be. What is better than sharing our pleasant experiences with others?

In this way, both our possessions increase and so do others.